Have you received your USMLE score and would like to compare your score to others who took the same exam? The USMLE does not provide percentile scores, but they do report your score, the median, and standard deviation so it can be estimated.

USMLE Percentile Rank Calulator

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Simply enter your score, mean, and standard deviation into the percentile rank calculator above and press the calculate button.
The mean and standard deviation values can be found on your USMLE score report. On a mobile device tap on the empty score field, then enter your score. The USMLE percentile that is shown is the percentile rank of your score using the normalized distribution defined by the median score and standard deviation.
Remember the percentile rank is the percentage of scores that fall at or below a given score. In other words, the percentage of students who received the same or a lower score than yours. For example if you received a percentile rank of 75, that means that about 75% of students scored the same or lower than you and about 25% scored higher than you. Please understand that the calculator must assume a normalized distribution and the actual distribution is not a perfect bell curve.
The USMLE has released the actual percentile rank for all the USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3 scores. We wrote an analysis of the released data, discussing how all of the exams were fairly close to a normalized distribution, but none of the USMLE scores conformed perfectly to a normalized distribution.
Are you concerned about privacy? The USMLE Gunner percentile calculator performs the calculation in your local browser so that no data is sent to us. There are no logs or records of the numbers entered. We do not collect any values that you have entered into this calculator.